5 Foods that Are for Sure that Will Help You Last Longer in Bed

Sex is supposed to be the time where you and your partner become intimate. It is safe to say that couples really enjoy this time because they can go all out and express their love in a physical way.

Unfortunately, plenty of people cannot last long in bed, which may put off their partners by not satisfying their sexual desires.

Truth be told, that is something that a lot of people do (which makes it pretty common). To make matters worse, men are highly susceptible to sexual dysfunctions more so than women.

Well, there are a couple of remedies that you can take- one of which is eating the right kinds of foods.
Today, I am going to talk about 5 foods that are sure that will help you last longer in bed.


Eggs are inexpensive sources of protein that comes loaded with added benefits as well. For one, it is a source of good cholesterol. Its yolk contains Vitamin D that will help with the absorption of calcium- making your bones strong.

And, did you know that eggs can help you boost testosterone as well? Not only is this a great way for you to rev up your day, but it can also boost your sexual performance as well!


This amazing fruit contains Quercetin which improves blood circulation, allowing you to make your pecker stand for a longer time. Furthermore, it helps men prevent Prostatitis- which is a condition that is characterized by the inflammation of the prostate gland.

Prostatitis is not only painful, but it can severely hamper a man’s ability to perform sexually. That is why eating an apple a day (at least) can help you.


Man, banana contains a lot of things that can help anyone last longer in bed. First, it contains a lot of potassium which is known to help boost energy and immunity.

Second, it is a good source of sugar which allows you to replenish your glucose reserves in your body, thus improving energy once again.

Lastly, it contains enzymes and libido-enhancing minerals, allowing you to satisfy your partner for much, much longer.

4.Red Wine

One or two glasses of red wine per day can improve your overall health, as well as boost your sex life as well. That is because it has compounds that promote the release of dopamine– a neurotransmitter that is essential for pleasure.

Furthermore, it contains antioxidants that eradicate free radicals, making you healthy inside and out.


Pork, Chicken, Beef- pick your meats because they contain loads of zinc, L-Carnitine, and L-Arginine. The latter two are amino acids that help release nitric oxide- which essentially doubles the amount of blood that is circulated in the body.

And, if you remember your basic biology, the penis gets erect whenever blood rushes through the inner chambers. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, eating a healthy serving of meat per day can help you last longer.