5 Readily Available Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight

Drop The Starbucks And Stick To These Drinks

What you drink can actually have a great impact when it comes to your weight loss. Most people do not drink plenty of water anymore and they resort to drinking calorie-laden drinks such as sodas, fresh juices, and even alcohol.

Although there’s nothing wrong about consuming them, it is quite a problem if you are not mindful enough on how many glasses/pints/bottles you drink.

With that being said, if you are making a conscious effort to lose weight, then it is high time that you start thinking about what you are going to drink.

In this article, I will talk about 5 readily available drinks that can actually help you lose weight (and keep it off) as well.


Our bodies are made up of water. In fact, it constitutes about 60% of our entire body. Therefore, it is crucial that we keep ourselves hydrated.

But, how does water help you lose weight? A couple of studies revealed that participants who drank about 1-2 glasses of water before eating their meals are more likely to lose them rather than people who go straight to eating.

This is great news considering that water is readily available. And, the good thing is that you can chug plenty of water without having to worry about getting fat because water does not contain any calories.


Coffee is another drink that is readily available that can help you lose weight. How? Well, coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant that can help jumpstart our bodies, especially when we’re just minutes in after waking up and not to mention, it does help in the bedroom as well. A research investigation was done by researchers from the US and Greece, where they have seen that coffee might have a correlation with erectile dysfunction, which leads to a man lasting longer in bed. You gents might want to skip the alcohol and grab the java instead.

In a 2015 study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, participants were able to squeeze in 20% more leg presses and about 12% more bench presses if they consumed about 2-3 cups of coffee prior to working out.

Now, it important to note that the coffee that they drank in the study contains no added sugar, cream, or other sweeteners. It is just pure black coffee goodness.

If you are going to buy coffee from Starbucks, McDonald’s, or even Dunkin Donuts, make it a point to skip the sugar and the cream.

Green Tea

The most amazing thing about green tea is that it not only contains a lot of antioxidants, it can also help you suppress hunger as well.

In one study from the Journal of American College Nutrition, the participants who drank green tea lost an average weight of 6lbs more than people who just drank water.

When you drink green tea, avoid the ones that are bottled since they are already laced with sugar and other harmful ingredients. Go for the more traditional green tea bags instead.

Turmeric Milk Tea

Turmeric contains curcumin which is known to have an amazing effect on the fat accumulation process in the body. It limits fat deposits and it also helps shrink the fat that is already in our bodies.

Furthermore, drinking Turmeric Milk Tea will help you sleep more, which is something that is known to aid weight loss by a lot.


This fermented beverage contains a lot of probiotics which are agents that can help improve digestion and therefore, help your gut become healthier.