7 Alternative Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

There are a lot of interesting things that you can do in Kuala Lumpur. You can search for girl escorts, come closer to nature in the eco park, eat plenty your heart out in Jalan Alor, among many others.

If you intend to go to Malaysia’s capital city anytime soon, then you’re going to want to read the entire article. For today, I am going to be talking about some alternative things that you can do in Kuala Lumpur.

Get Scared at Hauntu

Going to a haunted house may be a very scary experience, but what if it is just simulated? Well, it is actually pretty scary and if you and your family or friends would want that exhilarating experience, then you definitely have to go to Hauntu.

The place is a wordplay between the word haunt and the Malaysian word for ghost, hantu. Not only will you find scary places inside the haunted maze, but you will also find horrific performances done by talented actors and scriptwriters as well.

Dine in the Sky

Now, you can definitely go to Jalan Alor to find a plethora of different food stalls and restaurants, but it is just a boring experience to just find a table and sit and eat, right?

What if you can eat your favorite foods while also being suspended 50 meters off the ground? Well, that is the experience that you will get at Dining in the Sky.

It is not cheap to book a reservation here as you will be treated with a fine dining experience, but seriously, being suspended 50 meters high up is something that you do not get to experience every day.

If going up is not your thing, you can go and have a different experience at Plane in the City. They will provide you with their own unique take on airplane food.

Try The City’s Rooftop Restaurants

Kuala Lumpur is filled with many towering structures and since this is the common theme in the place, you can expect many restaurants popping up high in the sky.

That being said, you can try and book a reservation in a rooftop restaurant so that you not only get to be fed but you can also see the amazing sparkle of the bustling city, especially at night.

Enroll in a Calligraphy Workshop

If you are the type of person that is not an adrenaline-junkie and would prefer more relaxing activities, then you definitely have to try and enroll in a calligraphy workshop.

There are plenty of workshops that you can find in the city and the best thing is that you can enroll in one at inexpensive prices.

Experience VR in The Rift

Located in Mid Valley MegaMall, The Rift provides you with an excellent virtual reality experience unlike any other that you can find in the city.

You can select what type of environment and game you want to play, but I really recommend that you try their zombies game.

Interact with Elephants at Kuala Gandah

If you want to learn more about elephants or better yet, interact with them, you can go to Kuala Gandah, a conservation area that is specifically dedicated to these majestic creatures.

Ride Away with a Flyboard

Head on over to Marina Putrajaya so that you can have a flyboarding experience that will definitely be quite fun and exciting. Not only can you see the Lake Putrajaya in all of its glory, but flyboarding is a very cool and unique experience that you must definitely try out when you are in the city.