Baby Care: Understanding Your Baby’s Language Development

1.The First words

You would probably hear your kid’s first word at around 1 year old. By 15 months, she would begin using basic consonant sounds. From there, she would continue to learn new words, and her vocabulary would explode. It’s important not to rush child development, though. Just help her throughout the process through constant communication.

2.Baby Gestures

Are you excited to buy new baby diapers in Malaysia for your little one? You wouldn’t want to run out of diapers! But really, how would you know if it’s time to change nappies? Well, apart from learning new words, 1-year-old babies are also beginning to learn gestures as form of non-verbal communication. Feel free to play games using gestures, and then connect words with actions. This would help child language development.

3.Using Real Words

It’s crucial to use real words when talking to your baby. See to it that you are not always talking down to her. Remember, parents must stay one step ahead of all the time. By using proper words each day instead of the usual baby talk, you are helping expand her vocabulary.

4.Reading the Right Way

Some parents are making the mistake of rushing the child development process because they are tired. Be patient, and let her take her time. This applies most especially to reading. Take your time in teaching your kid to read books. If you have time, read to her the entire day.

5.Give her feedback.

When she tries to say some words, acknowledge her attempt in a pleasant, positive way. It wouldn’t always come out right, but it’s part of the learning process. Don’t correct her speech. Respond well to the message’s content, instead of commenting how perfectly she says it.