How to Improve Your Web Design: 7 Essential Tips

1. Navigation

Navigation is key to a successful website. Basically, it is the map that shows all the core places people can visit. There is nothing worse than pages with confusing and disorganized interfaces. Improve your website navigation by ensuring that your visitors can find what they are looking for without any trouble.

2. Incorporate white space.

White space is an important web design element that can help you improve readability. Also referred to as negative space, white space pertains to areas around the page that lacks visual items or content.

3. Mobile Optimization

Optimize your website for mobile. If you are not yet familiar with this aspect, there are many web design packages that include this part. Keep in mind that a big percentage of users are now browsing through their smartphones, mobile optimization would help you gain a wider audience.

4. Web Design Plan

Behind every successful website is a comprehensive plan. Make sure that your website is efficiently meeting all the needs of your visitors. Map out every buyer’s journey. Design web pages that nurture leads through sales funnels.

5. Social Media Share Buttons

Give people the opportunity to share your content. If your website doesn’t have social media share buttons, you are missing out on lots of social media traffic. Social media share buttons function as non-pushy tools that encourage social sharing from your own buyer personas.

6. Call-to-Action Buttons

Tell your visitors what to do next. Provide them with some useful direction. CTAs are elements that indicate the very next step a user must take on a web page.

7. Quality, Engaging Images

Invest in good images, instead of settling for stocky photos. These photos must effectively represent your brand and your business’ purpose. Photography services may be a bit expensive, but it can contribute to your website’s long-term success.