What’s the Difference Between ‘Hosting’ and ‘WordPress Hosting’?

Are you currently looking for a good web hosting company in Malaysia for your new ecommerce website? Choosing a reliable hosting provider that can help you achieve your business needs is not easy. There are plenty of aspects to take into account! Moreover, selecting among web hosting plans can be overwhelming because of the endless details.

If you are planning to host your online store in WordPress, a WordPress hosting service is something you can consider. But, what exactly is the difference of this set up compared to the general website hosting service?

General website hosting.

This is usually a shared web hosting service, in which many websites share space on one physical server. In this kind of environment, thousands of websites are housed from different platforms. The bottom line is, the support and service provided are not designed specifically for WordPress.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting also takes place in a shared server environment, and there are many plans provided at a vast range of prices and levels. The main difference is that the website would exclusively share a specific server with other WordPress installations. Support and service are tailored well based on WordPress’ specifications to ensure maximize website performance.

The Advantages of WordPress Hosting

  • Trained customer service representatives; provides efficient assistance when it comes to software support
  • Easy-to-use website builders, plugins themes and SSL certificates
  • Web technologies may be pre-configured for a fast setup within the website
  • Staging sites may be easily and easily transferred
  • All of the accounts on the hosting server may get the same customized maintenance service
  • The servers may be prepared to protect against some WordPress-specific threats
  • Security patches and bulk upgrades may be applied to websites on the server